Hair my woes on the FRENEMY!

FRENEMIES that’s the 1 word description for my relationship with my hair.

I hate it most of the time but we have our moments (too few & too far apart).
Its always been like that .. I am sure while i was entangled in the complications of my hair …i missed the plight of other people going through the same..
My heart reaches out to you, I wonder if they have support groups for this kind of stuff….AAnnnnd now my hair yanks me back to reality while i was busy trying to reach out & make a connection.

No seriously

On a good day It smells good , it feels good & (After long minutes of wielding a straightener which I know plans to one day evilly burn my hair like plastic..That shit is real- check it out on Youtube!)  I look like a decent person… After the time spent , you would think something glamorous would evolve.

Nope, not happening!

I can try all angles to get that hair straight or get it volume .. All i get is a minor workout & it firmly stays at oomph level-‘DECENT’. Its not even worth the effort. Makes me wanna work on my personality. Change who i fundamentally am. That should be easier.

On an average day it look like something the cat dragged in,
On a bad day it look like something the cat started to drag in,changed its mind & left on the sidewalk for everyone to get creeped out on!

Nah i kid, i kid!  I am exaggerating a teensy bit for dramatic flair.Its my half hearted ,compensating technique against the frenemy.. Its ironical though, that my hair decides to go with me on this one & makes me resemble Kishore Kumar (Late Bollywood hero with side cow licks. See below for reference) Bless his soul ! Am not sure he likes his look resting on my noggin either.I hear you buddy . Me & you both in this .


Frenemy under discussion has also been responsible for me being misjudged as a crazy person! You see-I talk to it.I figured-Works for them plants. why not for ye ol ‘crown of glory’? The cajoling, the histrionics, the threats, the plans; its quite the emotional rollercoaster!

Once when i was in Engineering college, I was staring at myself in the Hostel ladies room . It was kinda late & i assumed it was empty (Stupidity 1 Hostel Loos are so never empty. There is always some random shit going on!)

Oh but the stupidity does not stop -Stupidity 2. I looked at my open long hair, had got glasses on,was wearing white & thought it would be fun to arbitrarily talk at myself.

Note- You know how some people rap, some people sing, some people say motivating things to themselves when they are by themselves in front of a mirror -Here is what the talent less of the earth do-

& whilst making peace with the mane; God chose to give me (into each life some rain must fall & what not) i declared to myself “Hey you look like John Lenon!” For some obscure reason that made me happy!! In hindsight, I am thinking, “That’s probably not something one should be congratulating oneself about”  & also  “Hell no!! I looked more like Ozzy Osbourne”.  Anyway, I proceeded to remove my glasses & then declared “Hey If you stay calm, you look like f******* Jesus man!!”

Bang! Door opens, out comes a senior very visibly stares at me & we both know she is thinking (Thank Heavens! I aint got no crap goin on like that on & (in)my head! & walks away, bouncing her loverly hair with my little pride following her closely) BLEH!

Oh yeah another day after watching “THE RING”, i scared the bejeebers out of myself when i washed my head! I was like eek! long black hair like from the creepy movie!! Do you folks know how difficult it is to rinse the shampoo off when you are scared witless & convinced its the scary girl’s hair you are rinsing off? Geez!

Anyway this rant of mine goes through my head atleast once in a day!You see now why i was gushing over Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye? So I decided I am gonna pen it down & kill it with the harsh light of reality ! There its no longer the ramblings of my mind. Its out there & now it has to be dealt with. I speak for only myself though, My hair no doubt has its own opinion.

I am all grown up now (yes some of us take that long). Engineering was a long time back & I decided to take control of my hair so I figured – Lets cut it short & see where it grows from there.Apart from grave misgivings of my parents,who think they will lose their daughter & magically get “another” son when the hair stylist chops off my hair,my friends have their doubts too. It might be fun when everyone else says don’t do it ! Wotsay should we call in the stylist yet?



Will you still love me ?

Song 1 for today! .. Damn good music & voice overcome the confused,shallow principle behind the lyrics in this one.

That was my first impression of the song but then i got to thinking. You know what? This actually Sounds like a real woman. Not a “keep me & my thoughts on a pedestal” kind but one with the “cute crazies”. Yes guys, we women like to believe there is such a thing as the “cute crazies”!
She is one of us – this gal.

This woman with all her faults,desires & all the love in her heart is just… so many real women!
First things first for the lady- She wants to know that she will be loved when her shine is dimmed.That is so her number one concern! She asks this every now & then and in intervals affirms that she believes that he will! This vacillation between doubt & certainity exists till the very end .
She cares for her guy so fully , impractically & with childlike innocence.. she even contemplates negotiating with the saints to reserve a little piece of heaven for him. (& oh yeah, she is damn confident she is getting a ticket to heaven, its just him! He needs her help getting in 😉 I like this dame! She is like aye! You know its cause of me you get to enter all the clubs, what makes you think Paradise is gonna be any different?)

She thinks of him & sings first of his “grace” .. & that single simple word encompasses sterling qualities of a real man better than some other lengthier adjectives. Then she talks about his face (maybe cause it rhymes with grace?) & how he makes her want to party all night long.. an expression that sounds vapid but may just be an inadequate description of the happiness he evokes. The lightness of feet that the knowledge of being loved and being in love brings.

Come to think , this might be a song with depth hidden in clear sight.. or then maybe not.But her compelling voice makes me believe , it cant be just about the dude’s face!

So what made me think up all this stuff on a Sunday afternoon? Lets just say .. I’m a very practical girl with a deep abiding love for impossibly high heeled shoes!!
Make what you will of it 😉 Enjoy the song!


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