The Gangnam Style!

Gangnam Style
is the name of a hugely viral video I stumbled across today & boy it’s an entertaining fad that’s  making waves since it was put up on Youtube in July 2012 cause it’s just so strange!!

 Gangnam is a city in Seoul in Korea which has an extremely wealthy population! & the video seems to glorify (or make a parody) of the lifestyle there. Whatever be the underlying reason for this song , I give a thumbs up  cause it made me laugh !

How I came across it:

Comments on a Justin Beiber & Usher Concert’s photograph on Facebook doing a silly dance step led many people  to comment  “GANGNAM Style”  which stoked my curiosity. I googled it & whoooaaa!!

The pic that started my search

That’s how I was introduced to this crazy ass video . It is chaotic, ridiculous, clownish with dramatic (being kind here)dance steps very similar to some South Indian dance moves!  

Unique Selling Proposition – A la Gangnam Style!!

  • Funny dance steps! Described by a youtube viewer as “Dry Humping the air!” (Very articulate huh? ;))
  • Peppy beats & a funky tune !
  • Asian Exotica added for good measure!
  • Viewer will at least once ,through the course of the video experience the, “ WTF did I just see!?!” moment . Those are sprinkled generously in this video with a huge dollop of parody of the Bling Set (The ostentatious rich)
  • This funny plumpish guy dancing with abandon declaring to the world that hell yeah! this is the way to do it people!! Rich, shiny, I don’t give a damn, Ill make you wanna dance with me is blatantly, ridiculously entertaining!!
  • Last time a man danced with abandon this way it went viral too!  Remember “Where the hell is Matt?” I am beginning to think there is a link here somewhere. Anthropologists might want  to study this fascination !!  Well this time it is Park Jae Sang also known as PSY with his Korean song (& dance)  showing us how to do it Gangnam style!

How viral is it?!!


With 181,933,393  hits!! Someone ought to take Notes & learn the finer nuances of “The Gangnam style!!”

People from everywhere are using it in FB comments

It’s become a  popular slang! Check out Urban dictionary for Gangnam style

 It has even spawned a whole lot of other slangs. An interesting one is “The Open Condom Style” cause well that’s what the lyrics sound like in English!! I kid you not! I can’t make this stuff up people 😀

So do you think you got what it takes to rock Gangnam Style? 😉


P.S.  Check out  this vid on Teen’s reaction on watching Gangnam Style … Some Interesting comments 😉 


But WHY?

Why do we love all that is bad for us-
Speed,primal fights,a golden cage-all that fuss.
The food that is junk
That brash uncaring hunk.
The fire contained within white with a filter complete
the smoke that may someday make us bleed?
That girl so conditioned,she has no clue
and that other who is always looking for something new
Coffee exceeding cups of three
giving insanely wise advice for free!
The anti elixir in a pretty vessel
Listening just to be heard – oh yes DO tell!
Music that makes us want to fight & bang our head
the one that extols feelings of dread
Why on earth why

do we rush where we must gently tread?

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