Loving & Living right now!


Which color do i like RIGHT NOW!!

I read so much on the internet.. umpteen blogs,articles – Science, philosophy,wise people, letters from fathers, letters from moms, words of the wise , words of the foolish…

Everyday we are flooded with opinions, observations, facts & rules on life…How delightful is the internet!! It’s the great equalizer.. in the sense that I love the way a meme created in another far away part of the world is just so darn silly , so wonderfully funny , so resonates with me! . Everytime I read something I love , I thank the world to be full of all these delightful people..

Its like having this great coffee table conversation that never really stops & is a little unnerving cause it makes me question –  Do I have something to say that is truly unique? Truly original!! & will there be someone out there who feels quite this way.. Reading a lot will answer that –  HELL YES!! There’s all kinds of crazy entertaining out there & we all seem to love this very public, intimate over a coffee conversation!

I struggled with the question of novelty when I was is in school, still struggle with it , but  I realised (which too is not that novel I might add)is that the best stuff I ever read/enjoyed/celebrated/shared is the stuff that someone else felt too & expressed in this certain way that is just bang on REAL!

It’s not about originality, it’s about having your say, your own viewpoint (adulterated with borrowed wisdom or not!).  It’s making a documentary of your life, or your perspective your ever changing take on life… Our 26 year old is as engaging as our 13 year old, cause both our selves are vastly different! We all have something to say! It must be expressed! It absolutely must!

I want to know what moved a 13 year old, what inspired a 20 year old & what continues to make a 40 year old value travel!

So I have loved to embrace the noise in my head..I think this song from Switchfoot says it so well – “I am at peace when I am confused!”

I guess it means this confusion is proof of being alive to the beauty of each moment….

So there is this roommate of mine. We all are pursuing MBA.. At the end of our course, just before an exam on finance, we decide to chat on our balcony & she introduces me to – The 4 forces of the standard model,   The Higgs boson  & why The Large Hadron collidor is a big deal ! I am like yeah I have heard about that… so talked about , so what ? Then she reveals to me stuff I didn’t know about it in this compelling fashion of the few real lovers. Like did you know that there are 12 particles (Quarks & leptons) there are 4 basic forces – Electromagnetic, strong & weak nuclear & gravity ! & these lads are trying to study how they interact to give mass to matter….

You see she wanted to be a Scientist, she still follows Quantum Physics… She is going to be a great Manager, that’s her thing now… But she pays an ode to her love of physics for no true greater motive than just continuing to learn more about the subject she loves. ..

I loved it!! I googled articles on it, she spoke so passionately about the idea! She infected me with it!!I loved the idea cause she made me believe it was an idea worth  being in love with

& that’s what it is all about right?!! That enduring passion for an idea , an experience . An interest that’s yours & may not bring in the big bucks.. If you love it enough & share it with others , you’ll remind a jaded soul what it is to love again !

You see not long ago I loved electrostatics, Magnetism , inorganic chemistry (hated organic chem :P) & all that jazz too.. She just reminded me of an infatuation..It’s not my love , I’m still finding mine or maybe I just jump from one infatuation to the next… Who knows , I’m not going to bother about trying to figure out why I like what I do… I just know I am going to be fully aware of what I like at every moment !


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