Ye Pivot Table!

So i wrote this poem on the fly after this horrible evaluation i had on a Business Intelligence class some months back  & thought Ill share it. Wondering if anyone out there has faced the same!

Oh ye Pivot table!!
naively i believed in the excel fable.
created you are, to bring sanity to data of all kind
when introduced to you, with happiness i was blind!
With the enthusiasm of a child
& a joy that was so much more than mild
Proclaimed I, “records will now look oh so pretty!”
The power to control my tables’ fields – exalting the worthy, sidelining the petty!
Such exploits were within my reach
Such promises, be forewarned are made by those, who do Excel teach!
But woe on you pivot! Betrayed me in my 1st evaluation you did!!
in a manner most sordid!
like your name , pivot u did but only my mind.


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