At the risk of being lame & being the millionth person saying some inane thingummy like  “work runneth over me & keepeth me there with face on dirt ” yeah you get the idea…yeah it kept me there & yeah it kinda led to the appalling normalisation of my head making me narrow mindedly fixed on the everyday & the mundane… I need more daydreaming time . I woefully accept to myself that my blogging has become extremely erratic I just got off a 4 day vacation . Its Diwali here in India !! hence i find the will to type.. neway why i did get to type & share..

Tired or not I always manage to discover or rediscover songs that uplift my day .

Tonight’s choice is rose tinted, laidback , salt of the earth, country music . Again one from days of yore (Parents’ time i mean :P), i discovered this gem… I hum it every now  then. Its got a very magical tune & the sincerest lyrics ever written. A beautiful composition fit for a lady. The song is – LADY by Kenny Rogers.

Here is what Wiki tells me about it : The song was written and produced by Lionel Richie, recorded in 1980, and ranks among Kenny Rogers’s biggest hits. Rogers once told an interviewer, “The idea was that Lionel would come from R&B and I’d come from country, and we’d meet somewhere in pop.”

I heard the song & i went all like  “& dats how u woo a lady………. old school knew the finer rules..unforgettable song this! “Sigh… girls just sigh… & weep for an era gone by while the lads learn to figure out how to sway to Dubstep. Dont get me wrong i like dubstep too! It just stands no chance against an old school like this when you go about the fine art of wooing .. no? Ok back to sighing.. (Disclaimer : All this sighing does not make me a pansy, don’t get my nailpaint wet small girlie. Its called allowing myself my whims 🙂 ) Ok now that that’s clear we can enjoy the song again…si..g..h…….


Another “Material Girl”

This new age material girl Ivy Levan sings in a strong ,devil may care,set in an old gangster movie frame style.

I chanced upon her song tonight on my usual rounds of idle youtubing for interesting new songs… Neway so the moment i see the video & its brash style, I start imagining Adam Levine & this girl getting together for a number!She seems his perfect counterpart!He loves getting hurt in his videos (Click here to see what I’m talking about!) & she loves to hit back ! Seriously though It’ll be fun to hear a melange of their work methinks..

Black & white version of Pink ,this girl! I like her strong v(o)ice  😉

An aggressive ‘Material girl’ this one!
Fun number to stumble on-Its almost theatrical! Gonna hear this for a while!

What do you think of it?

The Tune & the Dance- We owe ourselves


We dance like this in our heads when we are walking alone, with our mp3 player set to that tune , that tune with no lyrics, that tune on repeat… that tune that lets us form our own tales, the tune that converts us into something extraordinary for a brief while, that tune with the transient magic….
because it lets you be..
because it lets you imagine..

Yeah you’ve got that tune too don’t you?
I love some of the non dance video shots  few seconds around 0:44 in this one, cause it brings out the act of celebrating with dance with a vivid contrast…

The magical against a background of the everyday banal…


Dance always like no one is watching 🙂

A car ride, a birthday & an old song

Yesterday was my Bday & this time I got to spend it with my family after many years . It was relaxing, nice, fuzzy fun. In the evening the whole family went out for dinner & I received an unexpected gift –

I sat in my parents’ car after a real looong time & they played their CDs with those super awesome songs I heard all the time while growing up ..yeah that happened . I relished the ride to the restaurant & specially this particular song whose tune really got to me!! It was like a pleasing reunion of sorts.

So an hour after my Bday was over & I had aged ever so gracelessly, I hunted the song down in youtube (I LOVE THE INTERNET !) & played it non stop . I realized I totally did not understand this song when I was young cause I thought the singer was singing “One way ticket to the moon

 (NOTE:  I thought  earlier Savage Garden got their idea from this song btw & I adore “To the moon & back” too … my generation AMAZING kinda song…. hmmm something about the analogy behind going to the moon is intriguing I reckon…)

I thought Dude that’s rad!! Yes the rest of the lyrics did not make sense, but who cared?  I was young & those were my favourite lines.

Sitting in the backseat of my Dad’s car, I think I really listened to this song for the first time & people, I kid you not, hear it out.. It’s a really well written & executed song . It’s quite something. This lady is lonely but armed with oodles of creativity. She has a strong beautiful voice & the song’s simple lyrics have a childlike charm. This lady has SNAP! Never has being lonely sounded soo good.

Check out these lyrics :

“I gotta take a trip to lonesome town
Gonna stay at heartbreak hotel
A fool such as i ,a fool such as i
There never was-  i cry my tears away.”

Oh yeah after all this time I get the song’s name “One way ticket to the blues” 😉 It took me some growing up to understand it.  I think that means something, but don’t feel like mulling over that.. I gotto go rummage through my parents’ collection now .

Note: For those who are wary of “The Blues” I wasn’t feeling blue, it did not make me feel blue. You can enjoy the song without being in a surly mood I assure you 😉

Its a SUNday :D

Have not really written anything new, but I do try to share one thing on Sunday….so I’ll tell you about why my Sunday was a good one.

1) I saw the movie “The Departed”, yeah I know it was released like eons ago, in my defence I am a sporadic movie watcher 😀

2) The true highlight of my day was this beautiful piece of music shared by a friend of mine today. It’s a surreal but inspiring coming together of dubstep & violin. Below I describe the sequence of emotions I felt hearing this piece:

a. Skeptical of this guy’s ability to do justice to Ellie’s Dubstep with a violin.

b. Getting a hang of the pace

c. The pace builds , you start believing, you start moving

d. You get goosepimples!!

e. You hear the piece 3 times

f. You decide you need to get out , walk to enjoy the music.

g. You even manage to find an isolated spot & do a lill dance for the sheer beauty of it!

h. You keep hearing the track

i. You blog about it , cause this beautiful track must be shared & heard

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