The magical Mobius Strip!

I discovered a really incredible Math Blog today! Don’t click away because math & cool do not appear to juxtapose well together for some. For those of you who clicked because you saw the word “strip” in the title ermmm wrong blog, you might wanna close this page right now.

Allright here is the deal -if you know what a Mobius Strip is , I will drop trying to convince you! But if you don’t……

& you have the insatiable appetite for the mysterious ,magical unknown that helped human’s evolve and climb the animal Kingdom’s hierarchy…….you should totally check her videos out!

(basically you have to now just so you earn the right to be included in the numbers of smart primates- If curiosity wont work, Ill guilt trip you people ,Youll thank me later :P)

Check out this superb video and if you are not hooked or atleast in a state of medium level marvel, at the least….umm well hand over those opposable thumbs back 😉

She also created a very imaginative story using the mobius band. See below:

Here is the link to her site. Its full of interesting stuff .

She must be the awesomest,funnest Math/Science teacher ever!


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