Snow White- In a parallel dimension

Working with the  seven dwarfs, learning, laughing & truly experiencing life for the first time, she had long realized that there was more to life than sitting around waiting for Prince charming. Hell!! She exclaimed looking at his handsome face from a distance, while he tended to his horse, “I’d rather steal his white steed & gallop away into the sunset knowing that I could choose a path different from the one that leads to his golden cage euphemistically called “The Royal Castle”.”

“I am not fooled! I just escaped from the one where my stepmother tried to get me killed. Not one stepped forward to rescue me, while I suffered for years. Not one. Am I to return to such another kingdom….. Is human avarice, envy not to be found in his kingdom? Why must I sacrifice this haven, this place where I am surrounded by friends who love & accept me the way I am, the  place where I am wanted?”

    She had a sudden thought, “There ought to be a young, interesting woodcutter perhaps who could better appreciate what her life had been about, what she had gone through, somewhere close. I’ll take a guy who will value my advice over any fool prince who won’t consider me his equal & struts about telling people how he woke me up with his magical kiss.” Of that she was sure. These past months, with her friends, the dwarfs & animals o f the wild had taught her much about herself & what she wanted from life. Gone was the fear of the unknown, replaced by the belief that she was a queen in her own right & needed a man with the heart of a king, not simply the title of one to truly love her.

“My story will not find lasting life in books because I will fade into obscurity for I refuse to marry for title. I will wed, for real love, be it forgettable by the world as long as it be everything to cherish.”

  Just then the prince walked up to her & said with a disarming smile, “My dear it’s been a tiring time for you. Let’s stay with your friends for a while; I would like to know the people who took care of you & what you have been through & I’d like very much to tell you about myself. Though the royal guests wait for us, let them wait for a while for I would love to know your heart & perhaps experience the magic of our kiss once more before we face this difficult world together”

Oh how she fell ………. in love. 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. priyanka
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 20:31:32

    amazing ………….i just luvd dis one…..KEEP WRITING…..*Its delightful*


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